One44p is an online magazine devoted to the cause of providing a voice to small YouTubers.

With a dedicated “feed” curating the best videos from smaller YouTubers, interviews uncovering the challenges of having a small audience and regular news articles about the YouTube community, One44p is dedicated to showcasing the talented works of up and coming YouTubers.

It is becoming ever more difficult for smaller YouTubers to get noticed.The increasingly corporate nature of Youtube in 2016 has resulted with Google pushing videos from large traditional media conglomerates and already established YouTubers. This has resulted with a huge wave of a new generation of YouTube creators, creating extraordinarily content, with little chance for exposure and ever becoming as popular as the YouTubers that came before them because YouTube no longer prioritises user generated content.

One44p aims then to become a platform to not only help give small and emerging YouTubers exposure for their channels, but become a manifestation of the small YouTuber community in general, a publication for small YouTubers, by small YouTubers.

-Dennis Fang (editor)

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