How to become a YouTuber #4 What video editing programme should I use?

Okay at this point, you’ve finished filming your first video on your new camera, but now you need to edit it. The best video editing programme for you is primarily determined by the computer you have. Read on for more

Windows PC: Adobe Premiere Pro ($12 AUD per month for one license)

The best and most rounded video editor you can get on your Windows PC is Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Firstly, it is quickly becoming the industry standard for smaller video projects, but that’s not particularly important for YouTubers.  What sets it apart from other video editors on Windows such as Sony’s Vegas, is the “Morph cut” feature. We all know the standard vlog editing procedure, with “Jump cut” editing. This often results with an abrupt cut that can be jarring for the viewer. The latest version of Premiere Pro has a transition that attempts to morph the cut so it’s less noticeable. The effect is still a bit jarring, but it shows huge promise. Also with the subscription model, it’s a relatively small investment.

Mac OS: iMovie (Free)

For most vloggers, iMovie is the best editing experience one could have. Based on the same architecture as the 500 dollar Final Cut Pro, it comes with most features a vlogger would need at the affordable price of nothing. Also, with Apple’s end to end integration, it is the easiest and most user friendly video editor there is, with skimming to see your footage really quickly, a magnetic timeline and haptic feedback if you have a newer Macbook so you can physically feel your video snapping into place. Also, it’s hugely fast. With Apple’s control of both the software and hardware, iMovie simply has no rendering times. For most vloggers, iMovie is the best video editor they can get.

Mac OS: Final Cut Pro X ($499 AUD, unlimited licenses)

For more advanced YouTubers who want more control over their video editing, Final Cut Pro X is the best video editor they can use. There are plenty of debates about which video editor, Premiere, Vegas or Final Cut have the best interface, but what is undeniable is the absolutely huge performance gain users will feel from using Final Cut Pro X. As proved by plenty of YouTubers (Jonathan Morrison for example in the video below), Final Cut’s monumental performance advantage results with even underpowered computers such as the 12 inch Macbook being able to edit 4k footage smoothly. Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 12.26.22 pm.png

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