How to become a YouTuber #3: The 5 Best Vlogging Cameras

From the two last videos in this series, we covered what genre of videos you should be making as well as the content for your first video. You might be asking now, “what camera should I film on?” Here are our five top recommendations.

5. Canon 5D Mk 2/3/4 (Price, $3,000+AUD)

Undeniably expensive, the Canon 5D series remains a fantastic investment after all these years. With a gigantic full frame sensor, it’s popular with YouTube filmmakers and vloggers alike, giving a gorgeous cinematic bokeh effect on their video. Add its compatibility with a huge variety of lenses, as well as it’s accomplished photography potential, it’s an excellent buy. Also do consider the 5D’s younger competition from the Panasonic GH4/5 and Sony A7 series, which both offer 4k video recording.


4. Sony RX100 V ($1,500 AUD)


The Sony RX100 series of cameras has long been the pinnacle of compact cameras for daily vlogging. Being extremely small and relatively thin, it can just about slide into your pocket like a phone, which is a huge deal for daily vlogging. The video quality from the one-inch sensor (About four times the size of a normal compact camera/ phone sensor) is also extremely good, with 4k recording and improved low light sensitivity. To complete the package as the ultimate daily vlogging camera, it also has extremely fast auto focus, which should eliminate blurry faces, as well as an all-important selfie screen. It is extremely expensive though, but if you’re looking for the ultimate daily vlogging camera, this is it.rx100m5

3. Ricoh Theta S 360 camera ($500 AUD)

360 degree daily vlogs on YouTube have become hugely popular. Especially with YouTube’s native support on mobile devices, as you spin your iPad around, looking at the scene from all angles, it feels incredibly immersive. The best all round 360 video camera on the market right now is the Ricoh Theta S. This is mainly because of it’s end to end user experience. When you’re filming with it, you immediately notice the fantastic ergonomics as you hold it up over the scene like a fiery torch. Editing the 360 video that the Theta produces is extremely easy with its dedicated software and integration with popular video editing suites. Lastly, the 360 video that it produces is simple to upload to YouTube too. At around 500 dollars or even less if you look around, the Ricoh Theta S is the best way to vlog in 360 degrees.


2. Canon G7x ($700 AUD)

It’s similar to the Song RX100, except it comes at half the price. Extremely portable, with a great optical image stabilization system and a selfie screen, it’s a brilliant daily vlogging camera. Plenty of YouTubers also use the G7x it for traditional sit down vlogs, so it is appropriate for that environment too. The slow autofocus, lack of 4k and poor microphone placement can be forgiven for its low price.


1. iPhone 7 Plus

Probably a controversial choice from the point of view of android users, but objectively, the iPhone 7 Plus is the best all round vlogging camera out there right now. It doesn’t have particularly good video quality, but rather, it has the best end to end user experience from filming the vlog, to editing and uploading it. The amazing thing about the iPhone is that one can film, edit and upload all on one device. iMovie on the iPhone is actually a surprisingly capable video editor, and if one wants more control, your project will effortlessly sync over iCloud so you can carry on editing on your iPad or Mac with iMove there, or even import the project into Final Cut Pro. This effortless simplicity sets the iPhone apart and makes it our top recommendation for a vlogging camera.


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