How to become a YouTuber #2: Five tips for making your first video!!!

In the last article in this series, we covered what type of video you should make, here we are going to be looking at the daunting prospect of making your first ever video. What should it be about? How should I present myself? These are the questions we will be covering here

So you’ve gone through the blood sweat and tears of thinking up a quirky channel name and designing some groovy channel art. Now you’re onto possibly the hardest and most challenging of all – the first step in your youtube journey. The FIRST video!

It is commonplace for people to the remember their first videos to be terrifying, for it’s going to be people’s very first impressions of them. These three minutes can make the difference between someone becoming a life long fan of yours, to somebody clicking off at the first sight of your face.  You might be thinking “where the hell do I start?” or just be feeling completely lost at the idea of launching into your new channel. Do not fear! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Start with something you enjoy.

If makeup is your thing, start off with one of your favourite yet simple looks! If gaming is your thing, start off with a popular game like League Of Legends or CS:GO. Often channels have a theme and it’s very important to do something you’re willing to stick with – whether this is story based vlogs, skits, gaming videos or makeup tutorials. If you’re doing something you enjoy often this passion shines through your videos, which is something that your viewers will absolutely notice and connect to.

2. Start off with basics

You might look at your favourite YouTuber and instantly notice that they have a fancy camera or an incredibly animated intro and start wondering if you have to invest in all this high tech vlogging gear. Well, you most definitely do not have to do this, especially for your first videos! You don’t have to spend big bucks on your channel when you start and it’s usually better to do so as your channel grows. While starting off, all you really need is a basic camera, natural sunlight for lighting, a pile of books as a tripod and a basic editing program (e.g iMovie, windows movie maker).

3. Be yourself on camera

As much as it’s important to start off with something you enjoy, it’s also very important to be yourself in your videos. Don’t try and become the next Danisnotonfire or Zoella.  Be quirky, be unique. Talk about things you’re passionate about, throw in some snarky comments. Express yourself whether it’s through vlogs or gaming videos. Show your audience who you are. Show the youtube community what you have to offer. People are drawn to those who are genuine rather than those who are posers.


Creating videos is supposed to be fun rather than a chore. To keep making your channel interesting or to keep making creating fun for yourself, have some friends collab with you – this can work especially great with vlogs (e.g tag videos) or gaming videos (e.g funny moments). Always do videos on things you enjoy and don’t take it extremely seriously. Videos are meant to be a fun experience and there is no point creating them unless you’re having a good time. Even so, everyone starts off small and it’s normal to even get less than 100 views when you start, but don’t let it phase you! Making videos is an experience and everyone gets better as they keep persisting.


Written by Jasmine Bortolin

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