Featured Video #3 “DIY Harley Quinn Costume Tutorial”

“YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE HARLEY QUINN!!” Celebrating exactly two months until the DVD release of the universally appraised film, “Suicide Squad,” Natasha Rose creates the DIY costume tutorial that has gotten all her fans screaming!

There’s probably quite a number of ways one could re-word the general phrase “This is amazing,” but we are utterly confident that they can all be found in the comment section of Natasha Rose’s new video.

One of Natasha’s many dedicated fans, who all certainly know how she looks like commented under her new video, “Omg,  almost didn’t recognise you in the beginning!!! Good job!!! <3.” Being a costume tutorial video, there simply cannot be higher praise than that. When one watches the cinematic montage of the costume at the beginning, it is abundantly clear where this commenter was coming from. “That’s not Natasha is it??” says a One44p writer. With just one sweeping pan in the intro, one cannot deny the utterly incredible detail, care and authenticity that can be seen in this stunning costume.

“That’s not Natasha is it??”


At this point, one would normally watch the apparently, “Amazing” video to see whether it can live up to the superlatives the editor decided were entertaining adjectives to write. However, complications arise when one is exposed to the knowledge that this post requires being at least two hundred words, so this article will continue.

“Amazing! I expected nothing less!”

-Megan Emma

“Amazing as usual :)”


Natasha’s “DIY Harley Quinn Costume Tutorial (Suicide Squad)” is bound to be a sensation for two main reasons. The first is that Halloween is a mere fortnight away, and thus people living under the American sphere of influence are mostly clambering to find impressive costumes to wear on that big day. The second reason I argue could be even more influential, being the fact that the much-anticipated DVD launch of the film the costume comes from is merely a month away. This costume idea then could be very suitable for the inevitable launch parties for the DVD release. If you’re involved in either of those two categories, this video is an absolute must watch.

Hope you enjoyed the video for today, If you want more, subscribe to Natasha Rose’s channel, or check out our YouTuber of the Week, Libby Ronayne.


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