YouTuber of the Week #2: Libby Ronayne

Uncompromisingly opinionated, Libby Ronayne isn’t someone who shies away from controversial subjects. Join her journey of self-discovery with her “Tea time” series and, discover why our YouTuber of the week is more than just winged eyeliner, comic sans and Supré hauls.

Libby Ronayne, aka “RealLibby,” is perhaps at the zenith of YouTube relatableness. With an excitable personality of bubbliness, her instantly recognisable eyeliner, and unmistakable style, her audience has come to love her huge shopping hauls, relatable fangirl moments, amusing stories from her teenage life. More recently, however, she has slowly started diverting her energy away from gratuitous frivolity as she has matured to reveal her refreshingly authentic opinions of common teenage contentions.

“Tea time is my series on YouTube, where I can sit down and talk about serious things”

IMG_2762.jpgAfter successive years of building her audience with “Favourites videos,”and “Hauls,” Libby deemed the simple jollification of her viewers  not enough to satisfy her maturing self. After a stressful week of school, Libby expresses “This week, I had a thing on my mind.” Mutterings around school about the ethics around underage sexting incited an epiphany. The result was the “Tea Time” series on her YouTube channel.

In her first “Tea Time” video, so adamant she was about making more serious content on her channel, Libby repeats the line”Tea time is my series on YouTube, where I can sit down and talk about serious things,”twice in quick succession. Whether that was an editing mistake, or she is well versed in the repetition principle to create a sense of familiarity with her new direction, we might never know.


Coinciding with the maturing of her content, came also the mellowing of her audience. In older videos, her viewers would often comment such puerile comments such as, “Ugh,” or “Your eyeliner is on point,” however, Tea Time videos has fundamentally changed her audience. In Libby’s Sending Nudes video, there is an intense discussion with verifiable facts, along with suggestions for future videos about other serious issues, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, religion, and the repercussions of Marxist theories during the post-Soviet era.


A small selection of the varying type of comments Libby gets on a yearly basis:

“Your eyeliner is on point”


“I LOVE YOU LIBBY ❤ this is amazing bae xx”

– Cody Knibbs

“Talk about how the repercussions Marxist theories have contributed to the rise of social inequality in the former Soviet sphere of influence!!!”


“Your haircut suits you so well! <33”

-Mackenzie S

How to get a Bikini Body? – April 2016

Continuing on her first Tea Time which sought to educate the adolescent populous on the illegality of taking nudes, being the strong willed and righteous personality that she is, Libby almost immediately denounces society’s fixation on getting the perfect “Bikini Body.” Attracting an outpour of support in the comments section, How to Get a Bikini Body encompasses the virtuous attitude that Libby injects into all of her videos.

“I personally feel like I have a bikini body, but at the same time I think everyone has a bikini body”

Sluts and Fuckboys- May 2016

Unafraid of uttering profanities for the cause of exposing the injustices “Sluts and Fuckboys” suffer from society’s expectations, one month later Libby makes another video voicing her now vaunted opinion. In Sluts and Fuckboys, she denounces the idealistic notions of purity that women are expected to uphold in the contemporary zeitgeist. She encourages women to do what they wish to do with their bodies, for it does not impede on her, nor anybody else’s existence, and thus as long as the matters of consent are indicated, all is merry.


Massive Winter Haul – September 2016

Not forgetting her roots, in September 2016, Libby gifted her fans with a traditional haul video sprinkled with her enviably energetic egomania. Delighting her audience with her presentation of her recent purchase of a canned Hello Kitty, her enigmatic smile suggests a darker side. This is revealed when she starts talking about the implications that come with wearing her beanie garment.

“Don’t fucking touch my puff”

Imbecilic, but somehow captivating, watching Libby’s Massive Winter/Spring Haul is a tremendous way to spend to spend a Saturday night in with a group of friends.

-Words and Photography by Dennis Fang

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3 thoughts on “YouTuber of the Week #2: Libby Ronayne

  1. Love her thanks to you! Wouldn’t have found her without you too because I’m not really into stepping out of my subscribers list (I only watch the same people haha) Awesome post!


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