Featured Video #2 “AMERICAN BEER”

Seen by his dedicated fans as Australia’s TomSka, Johnny Seagull‘s “American beer” sees the classic YouTube sketch formula infused with an Australian twist!

Thank you for all those who have been flooding us with videos for this daily featured video segment, “The feed.” For our second featured video, we decided to share a YouTube video outside the traditional “Vlogging” genre in order to showcase our love for sketch comedy.

Johnny Seagull’s video, “American Beer” (which currently has over 1300 views, an incredible amount for a channel of its size) is a classic example of the “YouTube sketch” genre that was originally popularised by “Tomska,” “Smosh” and “Jack and Dean.” If you are unfamiliar with the genre, videos under this collective term are essentially two-minute comedy films. In “American Beer,” the audience is immediately presented with a hilarious depiction of American culture with the characters engaged in a situation so generic and stereotypical, it can turn the deepest frown to something almost depicting a smile. The incredible amount of the mundane and the unconvincing stereotypes create a sensation of ironic disposition in itself,  however, it is the sharply timed and unexpected twist that seals “American Beer” as an excellent example of the genre

Hope you enjoyed the video for today, If you want more, subscribe to “Johnny Seagull’s” channel, or check out our YouTuber of the Week, Lachlan Harman.

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