One44p Magazine Q&A

Wondering what One44p is all about? Hopefully, a short vlog from the editor and this Q&A will help.

So what is One44p exactly?

One44p is an exciting new online magazine that aims to be the voice of the small YouTuber community. Existing on this website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, One44p will actively feature articles and interviews some of the best small YouTubers in its writing, an active feed will provide an alternative, independent version of the YouTube “Trending” section, and regular features will have One44p with a finger on the pulse the community of this underclass of YouTuber.

What are the aims of One44p?

The first aim is to provide awareness to the general YouTuber audience that there i a whole community of YouTubers making quality content that isn’t being featured or actively promoted by YouTube. The second aim is to provide a platform of support for small YouTubers, a place that can provide the exposure quality videos that the YouTube algorithms and subscription feed cannot provide. The last aim us to create a central meeting point for the small YouTube community, whereas previously divided, small YouTubers can use One44p as a centralised hub to understand what’s going on in the community, and a place to find other people in their situation.

Why we created One44p?

It is becoming ever harder for emerging YouTubers to find traction in 2016. The increasingly corporate nature of contemporary YouTube has resulted with Google pushing videos from large traditional media conglomerates and already established YouTubers. This has resulted in a huge wave of a new generation of YouTube creators, creating extraordinarily content, with little chance for exposure and ever becoming as popular as the YouTubers that came before them because YouTube no longer prioritises user generated content.

Who is the editor of One44p?

The editor and founder of One44p is Dennis Fang ( YouTubeTwitterInstagram). A media arts undergraduate at the University of New South Wales, and small YouTuber himself (Dennis’ YouTube Channel), the idea for the need for an online publication like One44p was formulated by Dennis’ own plight and struggles of being a small YouTuber. Being his own target demographic, he has a unique insight that is perfect for such a publication.

How can I help out?

One44p’s aims can only be achieved if the general YouTube watching public also read the publication. So sharing articles, liking, commenting and following us etc. on various social medias would help us immensely. Also, If you are or know YouTubers we should interview or write about, please contact us.

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