YouTuber of the Week #1: Lachlan Harman

He got hit by a car crossing the road playing Pokemon Go, and used it as the inspiration for a new exciting Vlog Series! Meet Lachlan Harman, our first YouTuber of the Week

Lachlan Harman, 21, who recently recovered from grievous bodily injuries, is a Sydney based vlogger who prides himself on giving his audience of hundreds a delightfully endearing insight into his two passions, his journalism degree, and 35mm film photography. His whimsical tellings of his university exploits weren’t the reason Lachlan was chosen as One44p’s first ever YouTuber of the Week, but rather, it was his bravery and ingenuity to spin the most traumatic event in his life get him downing a new exciting YouTube series.

“I got hit by a car!”

-Lachlan Harman

After a two-month silence from YouTube, Lachlan finally uploaded an intriguing video titled “Welcome to Episode one.” In it, Lachlan admits that “Some things in the past month has prevented me from making videos.” After a few suspenseful moments, he dramatically announces, “ I got hit by a car!” After this stunning pronouncement, a dazed viewer comments, “Feel better mate?”

The revelation of knowing about the possible disembodiment of Lachlan’s arm , his audience erupted with good-willed joyfulness, welcoming him back to the platform.

“Welcome back Lachlan :)”


“This series is LIT FAM”


“Plz make more videos!!”



Don’t think however that this video from Lachlan Harman is only of note because of his one-off misfortune, his channel is filled with three years worth of more gripping content. We hand picked some to ease you into the “LachlanTriesVlogging” universe. We hope you enjoy his videos.

“Under My Umbrellas” – August 2014

During a particularly wet winter day, Lachlan had the bright idea of making a genuinely informative video where he reviews his rather large collection of umbrellas with almost eerie professionalism. Little did he know, that this video would soon become a cult classic among those who watched it. The staff at One44p, in particular have very fond memories from when Lachlan’s infamous umbrella video came out, commenting “Lol.” This video will forever encompass Lachlan’s quirky unlikely blend of informative humour.


“Getting into photography” – June 2015

During 2015, we see Lachlan slowly transition from a channel about his university experience to one where his passion for photography would take centre stage. This video, with almost 3,000 views perhaps was the provocation of this change, inciting a new chapter of the “LachlanTriesVlogging” channel. In this video he explains how being an avid photographer, he’s been asked on numerous occasions, “How do I get into photography?” Quite refreshingly, Lachlan does not recommend the immediate purchase of an expensive DSLR with equally exorbitantly priced lenses, rather he recommends the smartphone as a valuable learning tool.

-Words and Photography by Dennis Fang

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